Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Hands .... Waka ,Rocoe and Wale

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I Still hate Roscoe Dash but, I fuck with this song hard maybe because, Waka and Wale are my men :)

Young Jeezy Says He Didn’t Diss Rick Ross. So Stop Being Insecure Tweeters!


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“Tweet something else…”

MTV News just posted their exclusive comments from Young Jeezy about the song that leaked yesterday which featured him rapping over Rick Ross’ “BMF” record:

“It’s not a dis. First of all, I’m not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That’s one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people can read into things too deep. They trippin’ man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he’s insecure, and anybody else out there who does, they are insecure. When it comes to that [Black Mafia Family] situation, I’m gonna talk about it a little flyer anyway. I happen to know that situation very well. But basically ['Death B4 Dishonor'], it’s off a mixtape that’s coming out. My mixtape is coming out on Thursday, it’s called 1,000 Grams. I took all the records I liked and flipped them my way. It’s a gang of records on there like that. It’s like 12 joints, all records that I heard in the club that I like and flipped them my way.”

“I got n—as in prison behind that sh–. I feel that if you speaking on sh–, you gotta at least know who you talking about. That’s like n—as speaking on Cash Money: If he ain’t never been a part of Cash Money, [then] I’mma speak it better if I’m a part of Cash Money. To me, [BMF] was real. I know all the members. Who else would say a line like that, but me? I’m one of the few people who can say that, so I said it. That’s real life, though. You gotta know the crew, baby. I thought that was the purpose of the game: to get on records and talk your sh–, right? Subliminals, for what? What’s understood ain’t gotta be said. I didn’t think people would take the record like that. I did it like I would have any Shawty Lo record, any Rocko record, whoever. I got on [Ross' beat] and did it like how I do it, the best way I know how. I don’t know if because the BMF situation is for real for me that everybody is like, ‘Ooh. Oh, sh–.’ Twitter is a muthaf—a, by the way.”

A ha! We knew Twitter was to blame….

Hittin It: Chris Brown Doing The "Teach Me How To Dougie" At An ATL Club!

Cute ... Looks Painful Tho


Diddy on Dirty Money, Lil Wayne, auto-tune & the state of hip hop

VIDEO: Rick Ross Talks Jeezy’s “The Real BMF”, Doesn’t Understand His Thought Process Behind It

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No, this isn’t Rick Ross speaking about Jeezy’s new warning shot “Death Before Dishonor.” This is Rozay sharing his sentiments on Jeezy’s “The Real BMF” track which was released about a month ago. I wonder who’s playing peacemaker up at IDJ?

Rihanna's Tattoo Says ...


Video: Tyga feat. Lil Wayne – I’m On It (Behind The Scenes)


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Once again, Derick G was on the set for the video shoot of Tyga’s first single off his upcoming album Careless World. The song features his Young Money El Capitan Lil Wayne with cameos from Drake, Juelz Santana, Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee.

Video: Nelly First Day of the Airwaves

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Nelly stepped into his new role as host of “Nelly Radio” on St. Louis’ Hot 104.1 on Wednesday (Aug. 11). The hometown rapper is filling in for radio personality Staci Static, who is on maternity leave. His on-air run is expected to last for about a month.

Major Statement: Nicki

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Kanye West proclaimed Nicki Minaj as the “scariest artist out right now” in an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 earlier today. During the interview, Angie Martinez asked Kanye West who he looks to as someone who makes him work harder. He responded:
This is such a big statement and such a big thing to fill but I think the scariest artist in the game right now is definitely Nicki Minaj and I think she has the most potential out of everyone to be the Number 2 rapper of all time. Because nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem. Eminem is the #1 Rapper of all time.

When Angie Martinez asked him to elaborate on what he meant as biggest artist (ie in terms of sales, fan base, etc) he responded:

Everything! Having a whole network one day. Everything that comes with it. [#2] to Eminem. I’m just dealing with reality.

Kanye then slipped and said “She has the mentality to do it. The verse that she did on…” before he stopped mid sentence, realizing that he wasn’t suppose to give details on his album. (Earlier in the interview he slipped and revealed the album would come out on November 16th).

BET’s Stephen Hill already let the cat out of the bag earlier this year when he told that he had heard some tracks from Kanye’s album and there was one track featuring Nicki Minaj that was “so dope!”. “You won’t believe it when you hear it“, he told the website


Thursday, August 5, 2010

TSC: The Tricks of the Trade by: Dwayne Carter

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Oh Lebron! The recent move by the Miami Heat confirms that we will someday soon have that good ole basketball back with all due respect to the Lakers-Celtics 7 game series. This move reminds me of the days when it was Johnson, Worthy, and Jabbar vs. Bird, Parrish, and McHale, or Thomas, Dumars, and Lambeer. Well now we have Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, and Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and ultimately, Wade, Bosh, and James! Do expect this to become “protocol” to win an NBA title. As for many more teams have and will be stacking their rosters with stars.

I believe that this Miami team will be explosive as intended. Anything less than an NBA championship title will be uncivilized. 72-10 anybody?. Well with Wade at the 1 and Lebron at the 2 or vice versa even, or Mario Chalmers at the 1, Wade at the 2, and Bron at the 3… Wow! Not to mention that I didn’t mention Bosh, who can live at the 4 or 5. Zone defense will be a must against this team. That’s 3 players on the court that commands a double team. Just imagine those guys on a fast break, the defender back peadaling… Wade can take it to the hole or throw it up and you know Bron. Bron is going to get it… or dish it back to a trailing Chris Bosh who will definitely finish at the rim… again, wow! Or how about Wade at the 3-point line, Bosh setting the pick, and Lebron in the passing lane. And if you collapse on them, don’t forget that Chalmers can knock down the shot. I bet that they lead the league in alley-oops. And they’re all young! Scary! Hey, what if Pat Riley returns to the sidelines and it ends up being the Lakers vs. Heat in the finals? Riley vs. Jackson! Epic! Gasol on Bosh, Ron-Ron on Bron-Bron, and Kobe on Wade… wow!

Also, beware of the Bulls. Boozer will fit in well because they’re similar to Utah in many ways. A nice guard surrounded by the shooters. With the addiction of Korrer and Rose should be able to shine brighter. The Bulls led the league in the rebounds last season and I’m sure they will again with Boozer and Noah.

Boston is the team of bad knees! With J. O’neal joining the squad, it adds another big man but his knees are always questionable. So is Garnett’s and now Perkins. But still expect them to do well in the east.

The Knicks are injury prone as well. Not only are their spirits injured from not getting The King, but Amare’s an injury threat as well as Turiaf and Randolph. If they can stay healthy, then expect Amare and Randolph to be beasts in the paint. Raymond Felton is no Steve Nash but he’s a solid point guard. He should do well with Stoudemire. I’m not sure about Orlando in the east this upcoming season. I mean Duhon isn’t exactly a good move but it has potential.

As for the West, Minnesota is stacked now with Beasley, Jefferson, Love, and Milicic. Golden State looks good with Curry and Lee. Though I’m not sure if we can expect Lee to brab all these boards in the west. Too many big men. As for the east is full of guards.

I can’t wait to see how teams stack up next season when those other big name players hit the market. Maybe Melo and Tony Parker to the Knicks? Or Chris Paul and Derrin Williams to the Lakers? They’re gonna have to do something! Good ole basketball.

The Tricks of the Trade.


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9/20/2010 Miami, FL James L. Knight Center

9/21/2010 Miami, FL James L. Knight Center

9/24/2010 Tampa, FL University of South Florida Sun Dome

9/28/2010 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall

9/29/2010 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall

10/1/2010 Binghamton, NY SUNY Binghamton University

10/2/2010 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall

10/3/2010 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall

10/6/2010 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre

10/9/2010 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum

10/12/2010 St. Louis, MO Fox Theatre

10/13/2010 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre

10/14/2010 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre

10/16/2010 Bloomington, IL, US Cellular Coliseum

10/17/2010 Dekalb, IL, N. Illinois University

10/19/2010 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre

10/21/2010 Hartford, CT Oakdale Theatre

10/26/2010 Lowell, MA UMass Lowell

10/29/2010 Houston, TX Reliant Arena

10/30/2010 New Orleans, LA Voo Doo Festival

10/31/2010 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre @ Grand Prarie

11/2/2010 Denver, CO Wells Fargo Theatre

11/4/2010 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre

*11/6/2010 Las Vegas, NV The Joint

Video: Birdman’s OVO Jacket Gift From Drake♥


106 N Park's 10th Anniversary

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Terrence J and Rocsi’s Source Magazine Spread


Terrence J and Rocsi go back to School Days in an upcoming issue of Source Magazine. The Source offered a glimpse of the Behind The Scenes a few weeks ago, now check out the full spread from the duo who are celebrating 106 and Park’s 10th Anniversary.


The Takers Premiere And After Party

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Last night was the LA premiere of “Takers” starring T.I, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, Idris Elba, Paul Walker (he didn’t make the premiere but he is fine too!!) and Hayden Christensen. The film is the first producer credit for T.I’s “Grand Hustle Films along with Will Packer’s Rainforest Films. The action-packed movie revolves around a notorious group of criminals who execute huge bank robberies!